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220 Swift, 300 Sav., 338 RCM, 225 / 243 / 307 / 308 Win., 338 Fed., 25 / 32 / 6mm Rem., 28-30 Sevens, 30 Rem. AR, 360 Nitro Express 2 1/4”, 5.6 x 52 Rimmed, 6.5 Creedmoor, 6.5x50 Jap Arisaka, 6mm-284 Win., 7.35 Carcano, 7.5 x 54 French MAS, 7.65 x 53 Mauser, 7mmTCU, 7mm-08 Rem.. Max. OAL= 3.04"

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Lee Die 9mm Luger Factory Crimp Carbide
  • Lee Die 9mm Luger Factory Crimp Carbide

Lee Die 9mm Luger Factory Crimp Carbide


Lee Die 9mm Luger Factory Crimp Carbide

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The Lee Precision Carbide Factory Crimp Die is designed to give reloaders the perfect crimp on each round of reloaded ammunition. The Factory Crimp Die crimps the bullet more firmly in place than any other die with more uniform pressure. The Carbide Factory Crimp Die features a carbide ring that sizes the cartridge while it is being crimped so every round will positively chamber freely with factory-like dependability. The adjusting screw quickly and easily sets the desired amount of crimp while a factory-like crimp is added to more firmly hold the bullet in place. Lee's testing has shown that using a Factory Crimp Die provides a more uniform pressure curve, increasing the accuracy of any bullet. A firm crimp is essential for dependable and accurate ammunition. Shellholder sold separately.

Technical Information

Material: Steel
Fits: Reloading presses that accept standard 7/8"-14 Threads

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9mmP (Luger/Parabellum)
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